Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Updating the blog

Sorry I haven't updated the blog recently. I've gotten sick, my laptop hard drive went out on me and I have been working on essays for the past few weeks. Needless to say this blog has been neglected, so I thought I would update it.

Thus far being abroad has been an incredible experience. When I had came to college I hadn't planned on going abroad like this, and really never considered it a possibility. I'm glad it has worked out the way it has, as this may be one of the most satisfying experiences thus far in my life.

There is something about meeting new people, seeing different cultures and traveling to a different place that is really mentally satisfying. If anyone reading this is considering spending a semester abroad, I would highly recommend it. This has, without a doubt, been one of the best decisions I have made thus far.

It has started to warm up quite a bit here, and living on the beach is just lovely. It is really an enchanting place to be when the sun comes out and the temperature rises up a bit. Families and college students alike venture down to the beach. The ice cream stand opens up, and the smell of bbq is usually in the air! It is quite nice to get out of class and sit on the beach with my friends for a while. If any of you ever get a chance to try Mr. Whippy's ice cream I would highly suggest it, as it has a more whip cream, fluffy taste to it.

I have met some really great people this semester, and have made some great memories. I'm beginning to appreciate all the small stuff. It is awesome to go and see things like the big ben etc, but it is the simple things here that I really appreciate. The movie nights with the friends, or going out in a big group and laughing about all the stupid things that happened the night before.

I've really enjoyed seeing some of the cultural differences. In an odd way it is fun going to a grocery store and have difficulty finding things because they are named different, or going and trying a new types of food.

Classes here are quite a bit different from Purdue, and I enjoy them a lot more. The focus of the professors here is not so much research, but there primary job is to teach. Classes here seem much more applied, and less useless information. All of the classes I have taken thus far have required a large essay assignment, but it relates to the material that I am being tought, and helps tie many concepts together.

I'm off to the beach now, but I will update this more frequently.