Sunday, 22 February 2009

Life here

I haven't updated the blog in a while and figure it is about time I do! A lot of my friends have asked me what it is like here, what are the people like, what is the school like etc. It is hard to describe a place so wonderfully unique as Aber is.

I'm going to dedicate this post to the things that are making my experience at Aber an amazing one. I'm quite fond of this place, hopefully you'll understand why once I'm done. Well here is the list so far, and of course it is evolving!

1) Walking out of Alexandra hall every morning. The view is incredible, it never gets old. The Irish sea is beautiful.
2) Walking up constitution hill, and looking across Aber, its countryside and the Irish sea. When your on top of constitution hill it just hits you how majestic this place is.
3) Walking along sea front watching the waves crash in, people playing with their little kids and dogs running along the beach. It is very simple I know, but I have come to love it.
4) Wetherspoons mocha!!!!!!! It is so wonderful!!!!
5) the flat mates, they are pretty much so awesome! From drunken moments in the morning to all of the kitchen talks, they are a great group of people.
6) Comedy works- Hosted by the student union, its cheap and the comedians are stellar.
7) The poor gals and guys that were humiliated by Tony Lee the hypnotist!
8) Llanbadarn's campus is great, I absolutely love how it has a barn and stables next to the lecture buildings!
9) British Bacon! It is so much better than bacon back at the states.
10) Express - fish and chips- are so amazing. I feel disgusting after eating them, but my God they are great!
11) All the little shops in Aber. Nothing is huge here, everything is small and has its own purpose. It is fun walking around town seeing all the different shops.
12) Rugby on sundays with sunday dinner. Great food, great companionship and a great game... Go Wales!
13) The fires on the beach deserve a spot on here as well.
14) All the trips to Spar. I never thought i'd love a convienent store in the way that I love Spar!
15) How laid back Aber is. The people here are just friendly, fun loving people. It makes for such a remarkable atmosphere!

I'll add onto the list as the semester goes on, and of course i'm going to add post's with more material in them. I figured this would be a quick way at getting a look at some of the many things i'm falling in love with while I'm here!


“Not all those who wander are lost.” - J. R. R. Tolkien

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