Sunday, 8 March 2009


I visited London last weekend and absolutely loved it. There is so much to do and see in London, it is just a great city to be in. It was interesting to see London after having seen it on tv and in the papers. It was a great weekend, and I wouldn't mind spending another weekend there some time.

I arrived at the train station and took a train to the london bridge. The london bridge really isn't anything special. Its just another bridge. A nice walk along thames led me to the Tower bridge. The tower bridge was a lot smaller than what I had expected it to be. Even though it was about 1/2 of the size I expected it to be I did find it quite beautiful.

The great thing about london is once you get somewhere via underground trains, theres so many smaller things to see around the typical big touristy attractions. The london tower and a neat war time monument lies under the tower bridge. I'll be a nerd and admit that I like castles, history and so naturally I would find the london tower quite fascinating.

I did take one of those cool boat tours down the thames from the London Tower to the Parliment building/Big Ben. It was a well spent couple of bucks. Went under the "wobbly" bridge, and eventually made it to the Parliment building. The Parliment building is one of the most beautiful buildings i've ever seen. The architecture is so detailed its phenomonal.

The next morning I visited Buckingham palace and absolutely adored it. The area around it is beautiful. Its unfortunate that "the changing of the guard" is the only thing they show pictures of in the media, the area around it truly is quite beautiful. Its location is quite nice as well, being situation in James park, close to Hyde park and Kensington gardens.

I spent quite a while in Hyde Park and Kensington gardens. It is such a laid back area with so much stuff to see. Everywhere you walk there is someone walking their dog, a fountain, monument etc. It really is quite a lovely area. The parks alone could make a person fall in love with London, they are just enchanting. There is so much to see in the parks, I quite enjoyed my time in them.

Over the weekend I got to see quite a lot of stuff, and I'm really happy with the experience. London is more beautiful than I had imagined, and its a fascinating place and really offers something for everyone. If you ever get a chance to visit London I would highly recommend it!

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